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Create Dataverse - Choose Metadata Fields

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Kevin replied 6 years ago, re: Michael's Version 5 from 6 years ago

Probably already discussed but:
1. Can required fields be selected for blocks other than citation through the UI?
2. What is the checkbox for? Are the two columns: display field (yes/no), and data entry (required/optional)?


Michael replied 6 years ago, re: Michael's Version 5 from 6 years ago


1. Yes, that mockup just shows one block open, but the idea is that you'll be able to toggle that view for each block, and set required for any field, in any block.

2. The checkbox is for showing/hiding the fields. In the mockup, you'll see that Keyword has been unchecked, and the radio buttons for Required/Optional are swapped out for a disabled radio that is labeled Hidden. And, yes, the checkboxes are for "display field (yes/no)" and the radios are for "data entry (required/optional)" -- see, you had it right all along.

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