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Edit Dataset Template

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Philip replied 6 years ago, re: Michael's Version 14 from 6 years ago

To clarify, in this case Gary will not be able to make Title, Author Name, Contact Email, Description, Subject etc. optional because they are required deep down in the Dataverse installation, hard coded to be required and can never be made optional?

That's how I'm assuming things work, which is why in the somewhat backwards-incompatible new version of the Data Deposit API, I explain that more fields (besides Title) are now required. Please search for "required" at


Michael replied 6 years ago, re: Michael's Version 14 from 6 years ago

This "Edit Dataset Template" is incorrect because it was previously determined (and currently overlooked) that the required/optional flag would not be set at the dataset template level, but at the dataverse level, either in the Edit or Create Dataverse workflows.

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