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OpenScholar Prototype-Week 2

Site Create - Privacy Options Expanded
    remove help text. Direct user to choose invite only
    Site Create - Privacy Options Expanded invite only selected
      remove help text. - done. At the top, make it say Invite only (private)
      Site Create - Site Type Expanded
        Don't forget you need to ask TITLE of site too!
        Content - Admin Tool Bar - Manage Content Open
          need links on the admin bar. Change Edit page back to Edit Layout throughout the wireframes
          Content - Event
            Content - Admin List VIew of Content
              Should the page type be links? What does it take you to? a list of all those page types?
              The links should all be blue
              Default Logged in View
                Tagging - Apply Tag or Add New Tag from Page
                  How do we indicate which tags are already on this content?
                  Tagging - New Tag Saved
                    Admin bar collapse
                      New mockup

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